Our project focus on food systems in Camden NJ. Camden is a city of 70,000 residents, but it only has one supermarket that sells fresh produce. While many of the residents in Camden grow their own fruits and vegetables, protein production is difficult to accommodate in an urban setting. 

Our project proposes to domestically farm flour beetles. Flour beetles are those tiny black bugs that can be found in sacks of flour when milled grain has been left on the shelf for too long. Flour Beetles are able to use industrial grain supplies as a habitat because their eggs are so small that they are able to survive the milling process unharmed. Titled Mite Be Poppy Seeds, this project aims to support the production of domestically grown flour beetles by augmenting commercially produced flour with additional beetle populations. 

We are currently identifying best practices for farming colonies of flour beetles in your kitchen cupboard. They are also researching and growing live beetles in order to determine the amount of protein that this versatile life form can produce.

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